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Beginner's guide to STORM buffers

Posted by Mark Harmon on 28 Mar 2019

 When preparing a sample for STORM microscopy, one of the most important factors to consider is the choice of fluorophore. The ability to accurately localize single molecules is dependent on the use of fluorescent molecules that stochastically switch between a fluorescent “on” state and a dark “off” state – a photophysical behavior that is often referred to as blinking.

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BPS19 – The best of two worlds: where biology meets physics

Posted by Linnéa Olofsson on 21 Mar 2019

The Biophysical Society (BPS) Annual Meeting brings together scientists working on a wide range of topics and attracts participants across different disciplines like physics, biology, chemistry, and computational sciences. The BPS annual meeting, therefore, offers a unique opportunity to engage in interesting conversations and get exposed to scientific questions from various perspectives. We also find that it is a great place for interdisciplinary interactions, especially between biologists and physicists, which leads to a better understanding of each other’s needs and research challenges.

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ONIee of the week - Field Applications Specialist

Posted by Chris Best on 19 Mar 2019

We're excited to reveal more about a day in the life here at ONI. This week we're talking to one of our Field Applications Specialists.

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Making the Sunday Times Top 10 #Disruptors: What connects us?

Posted by Stuart Wilson on 6 Dec 2018

On Sunday you may have seen that ONI made it into The Sunday Times’ Top 10 Disruptors to watch. It’s a big deal for the team here - our hard work has paid off. But most of all we’re very proud to be rubbing shoulders with the other companies that made it.

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