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Blog post   |   19/06/2019

ONIee of the week - Assistant Accountant

Author: Chris Best

Introducing ONIee of the week

We're excited to reveal more about a day in the life here at ONI. This week we're talking to our Assistant Accountant - Abey Ali

Name: Abey Ali
Born: Oxford
Title: Assistant Accountant
Joined: April 2018

Why ONI?

I was amazed at the vision that ONI has and how it wants to help other people to find cures for diseases. Although I cannot actively take part in the research and development of this, I still feel like a part of ONI’s success as everyone in ONI contributes to the ONI vision in their own way.

I have seen this quote many times "What if the person with the potential to cure cancer can’t afford an education?".

It makes me happy that a company like ONI wants to be able to make the Nanoimager as accessible to the scientific community as commercially possible, which will give as many people as possible a chance to be involved with changing the medical world.

Can you describe a typical day?

No one day is the same, I am able to interact with people from different departments. As we are a small team, my role as an Assistant Accountant allows me to have additional exposure and responsibilities that I wouldn’t have in a larger business.

What are the key challenges?

I am involved in a lot of things that I have little knowledge and experience in, however I know with every challenge it enables me to keep learning and developing my commercial and financial knowledge, which is great.

What do you enjoy the most about working at ONI?

I love how different it is compared to other companies I have worked at before. I love that I have a lot of responsibility within my own role and my job spec keeps developing with the experience that I gain.

I enjoy the monthly company meetings as I get how know the company is doing in reaching its vision and I also enjoy our lunches, you can’t complain about free food!

How did you end up working in Finance, was it always the plan?

I took Business Studies at GCSE and continued with this into college. One of the modules that interested me the most was in Finance. I wanted to know how a business works and if you’re working in a finance team you get to see the ins and outs of daily operations.  It also offers a challenging environment with loads of room to push your boundaries to get the best out of yourself and finally it offers you amazing career opportunities.

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