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Anna Caballe

Anna Caballe
Anna obtained a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology from King's College London before joining the University of Oxford as a postdoctoral scientist and fellow of Wolfson College. She used live-cell imaging and super-resolution microscopy to investigate the molecular networks regulating key cell division steps. She joined ONI as a Grant Writer in 2019.

Recent Posts

The best fluorophores for PALM imaging

Photoactivated Localization Microscopy, or PALM imaging, is a super-resolution technique that relies on the random activation of fluorophores to spatially resolve molecular details (Betzig et al. 2006). In brief, upon activation with the adequate laser, a sparse number of ...

Topics: Technical, Microscopy

Our 9 tips to optimize your immunofluorescence staining

We have all been there, after spending a day or two fixing and staining samples, the images don't look as good as expected, the signal is not optimal, and no obvious conclusion can be drawn from the data. We have put together some tips to help you optimize your ...

Topics: Technical

The Art in Science Competition awards from SIU with ONI

The Science Innovation Union (SIU) at the University of Oxford hosted their first ever Art in Science Competition recently, with the aim to connect diverse scientific communities and provide scientists the chance of showcasing their research in the form of artwork. Sponsors, ...

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