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Blog post   |   30/11/2023

From Synapses to Society: A Journey Through Neuroscience 2023

Author: Carolyn Hartmann

Neuroscientists gathered in Washington D.C. for SfN2023

A team from ONI had the pleasure to attend Neuroscience 2023, the global Society for Neuroscience event for neuroscientists, which showcased a groundbreaking array of innovation from participants, speakers, and vendors alike. Held from November 12 to 15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., the event drew scientists from around the world, fostering the exchange of research, ideas, and exploration of the latest advancements in the field. 

Neuroscience 2023 delved into a diverse range of main themes, offering a comprehensive exploration of the latest developments in the field. The conference covered topics such as Development, Neural Excitability, Synapses, and Glia, as well as Neurodegenerative Disorders and Injuries. Participants also engaged in discussions surrounding Sensory Systems, Motor Systems, Integrative Physiology and Behavior, Motivation and Emotion, and Cognition. Additionally, the conference highlighted the latest techniques in neuroscience research. Beyond scientific research the event acknowledged the significance of history, education, and societal aspects in shaping the trajectory of neuroscience.

The multifaceted program ensured a well-rounded and insightful discourse on the intricate facets of neuroscience in the year 2023.ONI made an impact at the event by hosting a booth where attendees engaged in conversations about the Nanoimager microscope, CODI software, and newly launched dSTORM consumable kits: ONI’s Training KitTM and ONI Discovery KitTM: dSTORM in cells. This workflow offers a unique approach to neuroimaging, enabling researchers to perform single-molecule imaging of cultured neuronal cells and brain tissue sections (using compatible consumables) with a resolution of 20 nm. Researchers now have a powerful tool that combines automation features with super-resolution imaging, allowing for quick and efficient identification of regions of interest and the gathering of localizations from thousands of synaptic proteins.

Neuro2    Neuro4


"The ability to visualize and study neuronal structures at an unprecedented resolution fuels our mission to unravel the mysteries of the brain, advancing our understanding of neurobiology and paving the way for innovative breakthroughs in neurological research" said ONI Manager and Staff Scientist, Dr Pradeep Kumar

The Nanoimager supports both fixed and live sample imaging, empowering researchers to develop custom assays and build comprehensive spatio-temporal portraits of neuronal pathways. Its single-molecule sensitivity holds the promise of improving diagnostics and therapies for various neurological disorders. The platform facilitates the study of how drugs alter neurotransmission mechanisms and kinetics with minimal sample requirements, contributing to robust, fast, and cost-efficient drug profiling.

One of the key advantages of single-molecule imaging is its potential to establish and characterize new disease models, enabling rigorous testing of novel therapeutics and streamlining drug development. Moreover, the Nanoimager's compact design eliminates the need for a darkroom or additional infrastructure, making it the most accessible super-resolution tool ever designed.

Neuro8. Neuro9  Neuro10


In celebration of ONI's recently launched dSTORM products, ONI hosted a lively dSTORM launch happy hour at the City Tap House - Penn Quarter on November 14. The event buzzed with an atmosphere of innovation, engaging attendees in insightful discussions about ONI's latest breakthroughs: the Training Kit: dSTORM and the Discovery Kit: dSTORM in cells.

Designed for both beginners and seasoned experts, the dSTORM kits serve as gateways to the captivating realm of super-resolution imaging. ONI’s Training Kit: dSTORM acts as a guiding light, aiding users in mastering the essentials of dSTORM, while the Discovery Kit: dSTORM in cells empowers them to prepare and analyze their own samples and targets using dSTORM experiments.

The evening unfolded against a backdrop of delectable cuisine, signature cocktails, and an atmosphere charged with excitement. Attendees enjoyed an atmosphere with a fusion of enjoyment and networking, transforming the event into an unforgettable experience.

One notable attendee was Jason Jell, ONI’s Vice President of Marketing, who remarked,

"We were so excited by the response from the research community to our newly launched dSTORM tools and pleased with the opportunity to host what was a fun and engaging happy hour event. Researchers like the folks who attended Neuroscience will be the ones who harness the power of super-resolution to drive novel discoveries. We just hope we can be there to help enable that to happen even faster" 


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