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Posted by Chris Best on 24 Jul 2019
Chris Best

We're excited to reveal more about a day in the life here at ONI. This week we're talking to our Channel Marketeer - Kasia Ginda


Kasia Ginda

Introducing ONIee of the week

Name: Kasia Ginda
Born: Poland
Title: Channel Marketeer
Joined: October 2017

Tell me about your journey to ONI...

I came here from the University of Oxford where I did my post-doctoral research. I was researching bacterial cell cycle using super-resolution microscopy. When I was a post-doc I became more interested in more commercially focused activities and I soon became open to a move into industry. As soon as I heard about ONI I couldn't wait to come in and meet with the team!

So, you're in your third different role since joining ONI - tell me about the transition?

I started as a Field Application Scientist (FAS) mainly because I needed to gain some experience in industry. I enjoyed interacting with Nanoimager users and demonstrating our technology to the world. It wasn't long before I took on additional responsibilities and tasks as an Application Scientist.

After just over one year I moved into a different role within our Marketing Team. It's a great opportunity to apply my scientific background to a creative role here at ONI.

What does a Channel Marketeer do?

My scientific background is very helpful as I understand the terminology that our potential customers can relate to. I am mostly involved with creating the content to be used in our marketing activities. This involves working within a variety of different channels – written, conferences, website, social media and communicating with customers.

What is your favourite thing about working at ONI?

When I joined we were a very young business and this allowed me to get involved with lots of activities and gain exposure to different areas of the business. I enjoy working with the awesome, creative and inspiring ONI team and learning something new every day.


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