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Blog post   |   19/03/2019

ONIee of the week - Field Applications Specialist

Author: Chris Best

Introducing ONIee of the week

We're excited to reveal more about a day in the life here at ONI. This week we're talking to one of our Field Applications Specialists.

Name: Mark Harmon
Born: Dublin
Title: Field Applications Specialist
Joined: July 2018

What attracted you to ONI?

The position at ONI gives me the opportunity to experience and be involved with a wide variety of research across the globe. The company’s core values and aspirations are in line with my own and foster an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

What does a Field Applications Specialist actually do?

As my primary role is on the customer-facing side of the business, I’m involved with all the stages of the microscope demonstration and sales process.

This involves advising potential customers on their sample preparation and choice of imaging techniques in advance of a demonstration, assisting them with data analysis and through all the steps of the sales process post-demonstration. The most exciting part of all is actually getting to travel and carry out the system demonstrations in some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

What challenges do you face?

At ONI, we have such a diverse range of customers and often I'm interacting with research groups that work on topics outside of my own areas of expertise. However, this has given me the opportunity to greatly expand my own knowledge and to be involved with some really interesting science across the globe

You've been with ONI for just over 8 months now, what's kept you here?

So many things! I love the role that I have with ONI and I am always looking forward to my next travel opportunity. In addition to enjoying what I do, ONI has an amazing, friendly culture, there’s a lot of integration between the different teams and everybody is well taken care of…we also have happy hour every Friday!

Coolest place you've visited with ONI?

I’ve been to a lot of cool places but my favourite is probably my first ever demonstration carried out which was in Singapore.














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